Hello, my name is Marwan Fateen. I was born April 4, 1982 in Chicago Illinois. I’m an artist, writer, poet and philosopher in all things. I’ve been writing since 1985 and have a BFA in video production and animation.  I’ve published several independent publications since 2005, including The Waste of Chicago, BLACK Newsletter, BLACK Magazine, & ignigma. I’ve also published a book of poems Parts of MAN: The Declaration of Truth, which was financed solely by distributing poems on the streets.  The purpose of my literature and struggle is to heighten the consciousness, to enhance the understanding, and to improve the disparities between the known and unknown through poetry, art, and literature and to be a living example of perseverance. For the past ten years, I’ve met thousands of people from all over the world who’ve been kind and supportive towards my endeavors. Chicago is a blessed city and I’ve been able to sustain and grow solely from  people supporting my literature on the streets.Thank you for all your support.

contact:  Marwan Fateen

Email: blackmagazine@yahoo.com

Phone: 312 478 2181

27 thoughts on “About/Contact”

  1. Hey Marwan, I bought a poem off you yesterday in the street in Chicago. Now back in the UK just looked up your site, enjoying perusing through the articles. Thanks.

  2. Hey Marwan. Found you on the streets of Chicago this afternoon, and really enjoyed your poem. I plan on hanging it up in my house. Will stay in touch!

  3. Marwan, unfortunately I wasn’t able to tell you this in person, but I’ve just bought ‘Ignorance Equality’ off you in the street and wanted to thank you so much for being there with it today. I’ve re-read it several times already and, must say, it is amazing.

  4. I’ve been wanting to buy something from you for a long time, but never got to.Today I bought something,sat down and read it and loved everything.From the lyrics to the illustrations.I,too, am an artist and I admire your drive and talent.Keep doing what you do.Your hustle will pay off…I believe in you.

  5. Peace and love my brother,
    I’ve read the first and third editions of Ignigma, also your book Parts of man. The overall content of all three publications were achieved. Meaning the message that you wanted to express, which was the awakening of our people in the brainwashed society that we live in and how to escape…(being free!). I noticed some editing and grammar errors, and I will proudly show them to you. Or better yet just buy some more copies and give them to you with notes. Your work is really a gift and you have a great deal to offer to our world.

  6. Your poems are soulful and enlightened. Thanks for sharing. We met a couple of times last week on State street. I am now back in Nigeria..wish you well my friend.. and happy birthday..

  7. Hello Marwan! I met you last week as I was rushing through the streets of Chicago and you were kind enough to gift me your poem Look at Me which I love. I am back in Italy and will continue to read you and look up Parts of MAN: The Declaration of Truth. I promised to send you a link to my music and here you are http://www.hippietendencies.eu . Please contact me so I can return your generosity and send you either a physical CD or mp3’s if you enjoy our music.

  8. Hello, I just purchased v2.1 and v3.0 from you about 15 minutes ago. I haven’t gotten past the 3rd page of v2.1 and I’m in awe. Theven words are so powerful. I remember being in class with you at IADT & we had that project together. I never would’ve imagined THIS is what you were working to create. I’m so excited to read more. I support you and your efforts. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  9. Marwan, I purchased your book “Parts of Man” when my husband and I were in Chicago over the weekend. I almost passed you by but then, I turned around, and you were smiling at me and holding up your book. Of course, I came back and bought one and what I’ve read so far I love!!! You are a gifted writer, philosopher and Light Worker, indeed. God bless you and keep you writing on and on and on! Your words are powerful truth and I pray that you continue to receive validation for your wonderful (full of wonder) writing! Write on because our world needs your healing wisdom!

  10. I met u yesterday, i’m the guy from Europe, i wanted to know if u will still be in dowtown chicago this week i think i’m gonna purchase you’re book because i really liked your magazine
    You’re doing really good stuff

  11. I bought ignigma 4.0 a couple months ago in Chicago and it blew my mind. Just moved back to Denver and can’t wait to share it! Thank you for your intuition, intelligence, and determination.

  12. Hi Marwan
    I didn’t get a chance to read your work this afternoon, but I read some on the train. I’m going to pass your work onto my writers group and an old poetry mentor of mine. Beautiful work.

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