The World

They’re murdering millions

in the name of democracy

spreading hypocrisy

blaming Khadafi

look at your own country

corporate slavery

sugar-coating reality

elitist pranks

corporate banks sank

do you think presidents are kings?

allocating our money

to give to the thieves

corporate greed

it’s in their genes

it’s a trickle-down effect

from the peasants to the kings

Your education is useless

if all it produces

is cup-holding constituents

prostitution candidates

gun-toting residents


it’s evident

that what you learned is irrelevant

if it’s all about the cash

until you’re left on your ass

with no back-up plan

if the money didn’t last

Fallacious philosophies

enslaved to identities

corrupting the youth

twisting the truth

influencing their mentality

the wrong way

encouraging criminality

or become gay

Ethical pollution

hoodrats and homothugs

prostitution and selling drugs

at home, you show no love

outside, their shooting slugs

people are having children

for no reason

they grow up and go to prision

what about the future

the next hundred years

will we even be here?

The evolution of thought

headed one way

the revolutions are fought

to bring a better day

the constitutions are brought

because the children are taught

being righteous is God’s way

the institutions are sought

so the leaders are bought

to maintain society

the status quo

class struggling, drug smuggling

media disguising it

you’re not realizing it

for 200 years

we cried 200 tears

we’re still here, ignorant

back to Africa, on slave ships

the price of life

if you can’t afford it

don’t try to distort it

they wont report it

copyright 2011 Marwan Fateen

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