the smoke will be inhaled




its not my concern if you failed to learn

you’ve been warned

its my turn

the smoke will be burned

the residue of death

psychological theft

the leafs of hell

it wont prevail

can’t you tell

no matter what we do

the smoke will be inhaled

when the smoke clears

empty fears

empathetic tears

pathetic peers

estranged for years


daddies disappeared

while the enemy cheers

I’m like an empty can of beer

the smoke of nature

when demons are captured

controlled by this rapture

in the here after

every night

I end up in the same apartment



wishing I had someone

to hold in my arms

to spend time with

is pain and misery my destiny

will it haunt me forever

will I ever find true love

someone with me

to help me


Black holes

Some of these women

Are like black holes

Sucking everything in

Including your soul

They’re out of control

Vampires for a price

You have to pay for them

To evaporate your life

To suck you dry

They’re like trolls

A fist with ten fingers

A foot with ten toes

Don’t know which way to go



Society’s institution

Turning tricks


That’s not the solution

Temporary economic satisfaction

The subtraction of the soul

A chemical reaction you can’t control

Its like a railroad with no tracks

Egg shells without cracks

The point of no return

Can’t come back

Black holes

The legion of doom

Rent them a room

You’ll find out soon

Your majesty

Your highness

I don’t want you to get mad at me

But your mind is

in an empirical tragedy

A travesty

Its gonna take a miracle

to get you out of this predicament

They’re digging for gold

In a sewer without a shovel

The hustle

Lips and thighs

Hips and lies

The truths disguise

You’ll get your prize

Don’t be surprised

The consolation

These black holes

Will leave your mind froze

Your heart cold

They snatched my soul

And took it to bowl

When did these women

Become black holes?


copyright 2012 Marwan Fateen

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