the I, the Ing, the Who


I stepped thru this portal of doom

Entereth into the matrix     (Exodus 34:19)

My mother’s womb

It wont be too soon

Looking through these cerebral archives

Pretty soon we will arrive

And have no choice

But to strive and thrive

To survive

When my people were strung out on crack

PCP, heroine, and gang attacks


When Michael Jackson was still Black

Before I hit this planet

I was supposed to be ing

but I chose to become king

The ing is a thing

But a king is over everything

Dominance, dominion

Realm, reality, existence

I just hit this dimension

What is this invention

I find myself trapped in

Flesh, clay   (Job 4:19)

My foundation is dust

My occupation is lust

My only hope is to trust

In the Lord, God

He sent me here

For a purpose

A task

Should I find it out on my own

Or should I just ask?

There’s only one person, I

Divided in different bodies

From an ocean to a cloud to a river

To a cup of water

God breathed the breath of life into Adam   (Gen 2:7)

From Adam into Eve

The beginning of humanity

To understand the ing

Is to become oneself

Separate from the ing

The body is a thing

The body is the ing

The I is the spirit

I am the mind

The who is the systematic combination

The correlation

Between the I and the ing

The name, personality, identity,

nationality, race and creed

Wicked and good deeds

Point A to point B

Everything in-between

The ing is a person, place or thing

That is, was and will be

Animated in physical existence

It has a beginning and an ending

I exist as the ing

For a moment of time

Two sides

Good and evil

Light and darkness

We’re in-between

I am king

You are queen

Unsolved mysteries

About to be revealed

Although you have fallen

Your spirit can be healed

Seven seals revealed   (Rev 5:1)

Christ paid our bill

The ing is flesh

A biological thing at best

The ing is a test

Consciousness at rest

The I is the soul

Put to the greatest test

Entrapped in the ing

Escaped to a thing

The eternal struggle

The I against the ing

God against Satan

Spirit against flesh

The I and the ing


Internal investigation

Trying to determine

Who you will be

The who has a purpose

The who is temporation

Serve God or serve Satan

I am to be resisted

I am to be existed

Camouflaged by ignorance

My body is the ing

But I am king

The light and the life

Are temporary fabrications

The I is truth

I am proof

Who is the I

Where is the I

What is the I

When is the I

And why is the I

Who is this I

Which everyone claims to be?

The answer is quite simple



copyright 2012 Marwan Fateen

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