The Flesh


I woke up yearning

this feeling keeps calling

my mind keeps stalling

it keeps me from falling

for the flesh

the spirit knows best

there’s bigger things in this world

than the flesh

bottom line

I got things to do in the morning

I can’t keep going

every time the flesh pulls me

no more time

recognize this

everything you do revolves around the flesh

you work all week

to provide for the flesh

held hostage

captivity, slavery

too many excuses

you’re useless

save me

justify pushin’ poison

to feed your flesh

food, clothes and shelter

to please the flesh

revolutionary struggles

to free the flesh

you don’t believe in God, the soul

just the flesh

and you’re the best

needing your oppressor to feed your flesh?

the original flesh

oh, the original man

you do what you can

but don’t understand

that there’s more to a man than just the flesh

you’re a pest

begging just feed your flesh

if you give a man a fish

he eats for a day

but if teach him to fish

he eats forever

then there’s more than physical reality

that keeps things together

…to be continued

in “Parts of Man”

a poetry book by Marwan Fateen

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