As I sit back

And glance at eternity

I decipher and determine my destiny

This right here

Isn’t how things are supposed to be

The spirit gets close to me

I feel it

Let me give you a glimpse

Of what my eyes have seen

They are the windows to the soul

So jump right in

Take a peek into my soul

From outside in

I have bad news

Life is what you make it

No short cuts

Hard work and appreciation

I stand on this mountain

I see doom and destruction

Our son is dying

Angels are crying

Preachers are lying

Rivers overflowing

The blind leading the blinded

But I see the pit

The hole

We’re being led to the slaughter

To the cliff

Because of our ignorance, and wickedness

I’ve seen death coming for me

The Grim Reaper chasing me

Backstabbing, treachery

I saw the hands of God saving me

I see falsehood

Lies and deceit

Fornication, adultery

Men seducing the next man’s wife

Selling their souls for such a cheap price

The rat race

The paper chase

For bread crumbs, for sugar gum

Greed and corruption

I see misery coming from your face

Happiness is no kin or friend to you

The fall from grace

I looked up

In the mist of reality

I find myself falling

I see danger


Once you were the groom

Now you’re getting swept up

With the broom

Banks are robbing the society

Taking our money

Giving it to the wealthy, the greedy

In the bull pin

I saw a man crying

18 years old

They gave him 60 years

He shouldn’t have done what he did

The murder

He chose the wrong career

Should’ve just walked away

Could’ve became a doctor or lawyer someday

Too bad he threw his life away

Walking right here

You’re no better than anyone else

You walk the same steps

You take the same breaths

Your economics and prestige is irrelevant

Walking right here

I see snooty snobs

Lesbians and gays are everywhere

And Gluttness blobs

When will man rise

The angel cries

When will man rise

The angel cries

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Can you help me

Hell is right next to me

I feel like a curse

Even worse

I feel like I’m cursed

I see a generation lost

Men and women

I see faces


The graveyard walking

Society’s all messed up

They got us robbing and killing

Selling drugs, prostitution

To quench our thirst

Its open season

Nowhere is safe

Nowhere to hide

They got the whole world

Selling their souls

Chasing this paper

Committing capers

Just for some paper

Pimping our daughters and sisters

As I look up

I see stars falling

Angels calling

God is warning us

From falling into the pit


Recognize the signs and seasons

This is the reason

Our loved ones are leaving

We need something to believe in

Money, drugs, cars

Wont save them

When God takes them

He alone creates them

Money lies and fame made them

Pedophile rapist

Stealing innocence from children

The planet is dying

The government is lying

Ignorance is bliss

So we’re not trying


copyright 2012 Marwan Fateen

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