I’m an Ant

I’m dist-ant

An inhabit-ant

Of c-ant

I’m an ant

Part of a larger whole

A body

That we all control

Take away the tee

And you’ll find me


I’m not

I can’t

Because I’m an ant



Please stop asking me

Nagging me

I pleases thee

Can’t you see

It’s a burden on me

I’m to be free

Please set me free

The only one for that

Is me

The ant

That can’t


We are the ant

Who’s antics are not unique



I’m an ignor-ant

Who’s persistent

A domin-ant  contest-ant

the opposite of irrelev-ant


I need a complement

not a compliment

You are repugn-ant

The embodiment of disgusting

Your antagonistic tactics are obvious




Robotic clones

Get in line

Leave me alone

I’m an ant in this habitat

An in-habit-ant

the ant


copyright 2013 Marwan Fateen

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