In the city where the gods and goddesses dwell

perpendicular to heaven, parallel to hell

ancient creeds, ancient seeds, ancient deeds

where you must have knowledge & truth to succeed

where my people, folks, & comrades call home

gangstas, scholars, revolutionaries roam

Chicago…..long way from home?

live for God or you won’t last too long

that’s what I told Tone

but he didn’t listen

got caught up in the game

and he came up missin’

learned his lesson

no more disrespectin’

humbled his spirit

first he didn’t wanna hear it

got jacked, locked up, beat then shot

now the block is too hot

can’t sell his rocks

they smiled in his face

but when he turned his back

the people he associated with stole his pack

his girlfriend left him

his homeboys left him

he’s all by himself

life is just messed up

NOW…he wanna change his life

lived for satan…and he paid the price

the vice, the dice, the liquor ain’t cool

but at the end of the day, who’s the real fool

now whats left to do

got nothin’ to lose

time to choose

got somethin’ to prove

what to do

walk in these shoes

leave the game….

or stay “true”


what would you do?


He eventually chose to change his life.. now he’s back

stuck, knocked off track

with questions…

should he get a job or go back to crack?

the lesson…

not too many options with a felony conviction

took probation because it seemed like the best option

if it wasn’t for drugs he’d be cool

now he gotta wait three years to get in school

financial aid don’t honor drug charges

coulda been a pimp or robber and been better off

tried to give up the life

the drugs, the dice and vice

but its hard when you can’t find a job

a decent wage of pay

they keep telling him crime don’t pay

but it seems being straight don’t either

prejudice, stereotype, discrimination

at least the block has equal opportunities

your hustle, skills, game and heart

was all you needed to succeed

now its your record, clothes, look and manners

that don’t allow you to proceed

everywhere he goes in the city, there’s enemies

they don’t care if he changed

the people he robbed, beat, shot and mobbed

all remember the things he did, the gangs

he shoulda made a mends before doing the right things

because your past will always catch back up with you

tried to join the consciousness movement

but when its time to move, he avoid certain hoods

they’re forcin’ him back to a wall

his mind is changed but his heart is still there

will he fight himself or his ememies

no one will ever know

they chewed him up, spit him out

now he’s on his own with nothing

you fall, get up and move on

that’s the life of hustlin’

the one’s he wronged are all memories to him,but their people remember

and when they see him its on

so was the life worth it when you can’t even come home?

can’t even be good, can’t even live in peace

what’s in it the streets, no peace for you or me

shoulda listened when I first tried to tell him

things probably woulda turned out better

but now he learned the hard way

I hope his enemies don’t get him

hope things turn out well him

because there’s always a better day….if he choose a better way….


He got car notes, rent, child support

got fines in court

yet he don’t even have a job

how is he supposed to maintain this life

without being expected to rob

you closed the doors in his face,put your hands on the mace

blocked every chance he had to do good

you wonder why people like him are stuck in the hood?

they’re no good, no misunderstood. shut out from society

you, the president, the schools, everyone all lied to me

you waited ‘til his life was hell, dead or gone in jail

before you decided to show interest.

by then its too late,

now you’re paid back with interest.

the people he wronged will get him

if not, God will get him, if not, his own actions will get him

but you don’t get him.

if he don’t make things right today

his children won’t have a bright future to stay

its better that he don’t look back and focus on all their future

and pray


copyright 2010 Marwan Fateen

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