Cultural Slave


Because you’re in Western Civilization

you think you’re free

but you’re a slave to the culture

subjected to someone else’s behavior

someone else’s style

someone else’s ideas

you’re gone wild

we are spiritual beings

an individual

when you take on those thoughts

you’re not individual

a replication

a duplication

society’s imagination

a slave to the music

you’re following the leader

peer pressure

not that voice deep inside

what about your thoughts

you’re ideas about life

that you hide

you coincide

you replace them with someone else’s thoughts

transplanted them into your mind

that’s your fault

you volunteer, participate

you behave

partly because you’re afraid

that alone is what makes you a slave

all around America

they’re embracing the same thoughts

that dress, that act

they look like everyone else

who’s an individual capable of embracing

and demonstrating their own thought?

scared to think you’re thoughts

be yourself

you’re afraid

this is the land of the free

home of the brave

but it’s also the land

of the cultural slave

Assimilate, emulate


stimulate, participate

it’s too late

hypnotize chant your spell

create hell

still locked up in those jail cells


sixty years old and your pants still saggin’

now you got tight pants, mohawks

and tight fades

you might as well live in a cave

if you allow society mainstream culture

to dictate how you behave

you’re nothing but a slave

“from the cradle to the grave”


copyright 2011 Marwan Fateen

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