Thank You White America

By Marwan Fateen

Thank you White America for interfering in our affairs,  for destroying our homes, denying us rights, for destroying our movements and assassinating our leaders,  for your false flag of integration, for York lies and deceit, for slavery, Jim crow, lynchings, rape, burnings,  torture, for destroying our slight progress, burning our segregated communities to the ground, for polluting us with drugs and disease, for stealing our inventions and innovations, you where being scrutinized by God and everything you did under the end cloak of the sheet, in darkness, was thoroughly documented in the book of life. You will answer for your crimes

Thank you white man for robbing and stealing, for lying and killing. Surely you reap what you sow

God will bring you down for ravishing my people, for your deprived, depraved and perverted justice.

Surely the Negros did survive and surely the Negros will rise. It’s prophesied that the oppressed will rule over the oppressor.

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