Money was a Stranger

I used to stand outside all day just to get a glimpse

ever since I was three-years old

we’ve been hustling and struggling

stealing out the store

helping with groceries, pumping gas

but money never came to me

that’s why I’m mad

couldn’t afford gym shoes

couldn’t buy a shirt

wanted to study martial arts

the feeling hurts

until I earned it….

no one ever gave to me

is it really worth it?

to do crime, to do dirt

just to get a taste

is it really worth anything with a case

money will leave you six-feet-deep

cold and dry


As a child

I wanted to study astronomy

but due to the economy

money was a stranger to me

I didn’t know her

I looked around for her

but couldn’t find her

grew up broke

she left me alone because I didn’t sell dope

when I did wrong

she came to me quick, in droves

but didn’t stick around too long

I didn’t grow up expecting her

I didn’t depend on your

now that I’m a man

I still don’t value her,

appreciation or expect anything from her

she’s a gold-digging floozy

no loyalty

associating with anybody

she caused many men to die, to kill

and go to prison

money has been no friend to me

every time I got her

they always took her away from me

I don’t know how to treat her

the only time she stay around

is when I use my mind

and take my time

with faith in abound

Solomon told me

wisdom is more precious than fine gold

understanding than choice silver

money isn’t the thing for me

do I really need her?


copyright 2014 Marwan Fateen


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