Apocalyptic Visions

by Marwan Fateen

(originally published in ignigma Magazine issue #2 (copyright 2013)

Why do we dream? What are dreams? Are they glimpses into the future and past; of past and future lives? Does time exist during dreams? Can we travel back and forward through time with our mind? Or are they all part of our imagination. Where anything is possible; the realm of endless possibilities?

All my life, I’ve been having interesting dreams and visions. For the past several years, many of them have been both catastrophic and prophetic. I’ll share a few of them with your that seem to be part of some sort of sequence.

The Sun Explodes

There is a countdown to the exact hour and minute to when the sun will explode. The sun is much older than what scientist had once believed and our sun is on its last leg. All news stations are covering the sun’s demise as if it was a political campaign. The anchors are amazingly posed, as if they have their whole lives ahead of them. I admire their class and dignity though. Many people are going crazy with anxiety, some even committing suicide rather than experiencing total annihilation.

I really don’t see any difference in dying fore the sun explodes or during. I really can’t fathom dying after the sun explodes, seeing there will be no Earth to die on. I must admit, the thought of suicide did cross my mind, but I decided to wait it out. This is a once in a lifetime experience. How many people in the history of humanity witnessed the sun exploding? This is an opportunity I decided to not pass up.

I’m in my mother’s front yard, going up the stares of the burgundy front porch. Entering into the house to find myself in front of the television. They’re covering a story about the sun inevitable explosion, set to happen in hours.

We’re down to the final minutes of the sun’s existence and people are going crazy. Suicide is rampant yet redundant. Wont they just wait a few extra minutes. I guess the fear is too much for them to bare, especially the fear of the unknown. I’ve always been intrigued by mysteries and the unknown, so I’m actually more excited the closer to point zero.

Only a few seconds left before the sun explodes. Let me brace myself for death, doom and destruction.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1………………

What is this? I find myself not dead but in a different reality. The gravity is very strange, you can actually float through the air. The smell is very pleasant. The environment is very gracious; the mountains, the trees, the sky is dark blue with twinkling stars with a baby blue tint. I’ve never experienced such a beautiful and peaceful environment. Our home is inside a mountain where all of our needs are provided. When we leave, we can float to the ground. The gravity is not a hindrance nor is it perilous. I feel completely free.

But how did I get here? Didn’t the sun just explode? Did God save me? Did He transport all those who were brave to face doom to this dimension? Either way, this is very amazing. {exits dream to my old house]

Lake Michigan Floods Chicago

I’m walking downtown through his foreboding storm. The sky is pitch black. I looks up into the sky, facing north, I look to the east. I’m started to see a title wave the height of a skyscraper approaching. What would we do and how will we survive?

I have no idea what happened but I find myself underground. There is a city under Chicago prepared for such a catastrophe. But this city isn’t big enough for everyone. Lots are cast to determine who will stay and who will not. Everyone is given an equal opportunity, regardless of their social-economic status or race. The wealth and poor are living side by side

There is an underground equivalent for the streets and stores, shops, supermarkets, theaters, apartments, etc. Everyone is respectful of each other. Obviously I was allowed to live there to experience this Otherwise, I’d be outside forced to fend for myself, if there is an outside.

Scorched Earth

I’m walking through my old neighborhood late one evening and spot five dudes fighting. I recognized who they were and intervened to break it up. To my surprise, they all stopped fighting when they saw me. They all seemed glad to see me. We all shook and walked off together.

We ended up at my mother and father’s house. I have some alcohol and I’m drinking while we watched TV and talked. They weren’t drinking, just watching and listening to me. My father walked into the room and gave me a disappointing stare yet didn’t say a word. He never speaks so I grew accustomed to interpreting his body language. I told me that I was a bad example for these dudes and leading them astray. They’re watching and studying my every move. I felt ashamed and went to the sink and poured out the liquor.

As soon as I poured it out, I found myself on a spaceship. We’re touring planets that are in ruins. We’re being shown this one particular nation on the planet. They said at one point their civilization peaked at 1.5 billion people at its zenith. We zoomed away to tour another part of the world and I finally got to see the continent in its entirety. It’s North America, as dry as the Nevada desert. You can see the mountainous height between the edge of Mexico and the bottom of the ocean. The water is all gone.

Missing Community

I’m on the bus headed to my mother’s house. I haven’t seen her in ages so I’ll pay her a surprise visit. Bought some groceries and all.

The Bus stops at this detour. What is this? The street going west is blocked off, and the street going south is also blocked. I never saw this happen before. I gets off the bus right her because my mother’s house is that far so I’ll just walk the rest of the way.

I look around to my surprise, all the houses, schools and stores are gone. What could have happened? The road detoured to peculiar area that never had a street going directly through it before because it used to have houses. In the distance of the darkness, I saw a silhouette of a skyscraper. What!? There’s no skyscrapers on the far south side of Chicago.

I still don’t know what happened and a frightening thought occurred to me; my mother’s house, is it gone to? I decided to walk through the quarry and stones and avoid the bulldozers. It’s totally dark yet the ground is illuminated by the moon. I’m waking and goes to the side to avoid a bulldozer moving way too fast.

Who is this walking? A woman, walking, alone, in front of a bulldozer! I got to warn her and ask her what happened to the neighborhood. I runs up and grab her and pulls her out of the way to save her and asked her what happened to the community. She gave me a cold chilling stare, emotionless. Then everything made perfect sense to me. She was symbolic of leading her community to destruction. A Black woman leading the bulldozer to destroy her own community.


by Marwan Fateen

Don’t run from dreams

or be scared of what you might see

afraid of what they could be

if you dream

dreams are things



whatever you perceive

what you hope to achieve


used to be

comes back to haunt

your chance to deal with it

and move on

diabolical thoughts


people thought it was gone

but God test it

We live a spiritual life

every night

and a physical life


they’re interconnected

day and night

you call them dreams

I call them life

take what you realize here

for spiritual development

take what you realize there

physical evolution

mental perfection

our link to God

God send his angels in dreams

for our development

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