It’s a cold and gloomy night, on a ominous road, picture time moving twice as slow as normal, but a car is moving twice as fast. The driver fantasizes about his rendezvous with his best friend’s fiancé, not realizing there’s a car moving twice as fast as his, headed right towards him. The other driver is fleeing the scene of a heinous crime he’s just committed; what began as an armed robbery turned into a triple homicide.

In 2 seconds the end of their lives will begin…1….2….time appears to freeze and both drivers simultaneously hear these chilling words from the voice of an elderly man: let me relieve you of  your worries and eliminate your distress….

Darkness ensues momentarily and slowly fades. Then,  time proceeds as normal but only one driver remains, oblivious to his near impending doom. While the other driver ceases to exist. Why, you may ask, would God completely erase a man from existence in order to allow another to continue living? What is so special about the one over the other, or what is so vile and wicked about the one over the other?

In reality, both cars did indeed collide, and bother drivers did die in their apparent iniquity. They are doomed to travel this road for eternity, alone, seeking something they will never find. Unaware of the…..


metal crashing,

bodies smashing,

blood gashing,


glass shattering,

blood splattering,

thieves scattering,


by Marwan Fateen

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