Conspiracy Theory: Negro Cadavers

by Marwan Fateen

(this story is fictional)

While browsing the internet the other day, I came across an interesting story a friend of mine posted. It was about a mysterious body of an African American male being found with missing organs. It reminded me of this woman who told me a story about how she was involved in a global conspiracy to harvest human body parts to be sold on the black market, particularly from young adult African American males. Glands, organs and other biological materials are needed for scientific research, black market organ dealing and for the greater good of humanity. At least that’s what she believed. Why else would a Black woman take part in such a diabolical project against her own people? I didn’t believe a word she was saying but I grew accustomed to listening to peoples’ delusions of grandeur and other fantasies so I just listened in amusement. She said she can no longer live with herself and needed someone to confess her nefarious activities to. I guess I was the worthy candidate. Until this news story, I never gave her story a second thought. But now I’m giving it more consideration and decided to share it with our readers.

To the best of my recollection, this is what she said: they targeted low-income high-risk communities, preferably section 8 residents, where the deaths wouldn’t cause any undue suspicion due to the high rate of “gang violence.” They had access to all of their medical records so they basically targeted desired organ donors. All bodily organs, glands and ligaments were of the utmost importance. The only non-essential is the brain so the preferred form of death is obvious. There are great scientists, politicians, artists, and other minds that are terminally ill and in great need for these organs. Why should the world be deprived of such great minds? These Negro cadavers are of the utmost importance and they are doing nothing with their bodies so its only logical to give their organs to people who will be of a benefit to the world.

There are very wealthy people in the world who are willing to pay top dollar for a young Negro male’s heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, etc, and the heart alone would add decades to their lives let alone saving it. One heart could go for 2 – 10 million dollars depending on the level of demand and the rarity of its blood type. With no waiting list and express delivery, This is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

The process is simple, we encourage and instigate gang violence and activity to create an environment conducive to shooting and death. When the victim enters the morgue after the death has been reported, we had a code name “the chop shop,” where we extricate and extract the biological materials from those dejected bodies, retrieving all necessary organs from the victim; heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, bone marrow with timed precision. We then stuff the body with cotton and water, or other materials, and report the procedure as an autopsy with the cause of death usually as a gunshot wound causing the heart to stop beating. To extricate and extract the necessary biological materials from those dejected bodies. It was my job to make sure things went smoothly with the hospital, family, funeral home, and all other angles to curb and eliminate suspicion. I received 5% from the total cost of the organs. One complete Negro cadaver is worth upwards of 10 million dollars or more.

I was threatened with death and annihilation after showing signs of disinterest in working for the program. I knew too much and these people were too greedy. I believed we were doing something for the greater good of humanity but the truth is scary. The Black community has been made into a farm to harvest organs for the wealthy elite. They’re kept ignorant and impoverished, deprived of resources to keep them in a perpetual state of misery and confusion. Their only apparent escape is death or imprisonment. These section 8 ghettos are set up for that purpose alone: Poor education, lack of opportunities, gangs, drugs, prison and death.

We often extract the organs of murdered prisoners but there are too many eyes watching. It’s  difficult to control the culture and environment of the prisons. Too many paper trails and questions. It is much easier to obtain young healthy Negro cadavers on the streets with few if any questions being raised.

All over America, Negro cadavers are used to provide organs for the wealthy elite. When gang violence is low, it is intensified by our agents whom we pay very well, or our death dealers are sent to get the appropriate bodies. Sometimes they kill people randomly if our clients are in a desperate enough need for the organs. When they have to reason allowing their loved ones to die or some random Negro, the choice is obvious.

Hospitals are often undesirable due to the fact that people are usually sick and their organs are useless. Sometimes a relatively healthy person would have ulcers yet the organs are good. They may be allowed to die, or death is induced, in order to retrieve their organs during autopsy. We have entire laboratories and store houses full of organs where people from all over the world come to purchase. When ever there’s a demand for an organ, we first check the reservoir. If we don’t have that particular organ with the right blood type, we can get it that same night, due to the fact that we have all the medical records and can pinpoint who we need.

Please expose this wickedness to the world and help me to redeem my soul for partaking in such an evil and diabolical scheme. I can’t take it anymore. Blacks are being virtually cannibalized by people all over the world; laboratory rats used for a vast variety of purposes. Their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been violated and compromised, literally eliminated. Reduced to disposable commodities. copyright 2013 Ignigma Publishing Co.

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