Biological wisdom

they call me human being

they introduced me to violence

introduced me to hate

introduced me to silence

this is my fate

outside the gate

afraid to walk in

I got two pawns and a rook

I’m trying to win the game

I got to stay paitient

gotta stay the same

I can’t give up now

I can’t change

I must maintain and sustain

there’s brighter days ahead

just gotta play the game

they took my queen from me

its hard to be the king

I’ve been influenced


spiritually deducted

let me tell you what it is

to be abducted

psychologically reconstructed



I’m an existence

natural born resistance

to ignorance

the journey of life

stay the same and you’ll die

you must adapt to the weather

different methods, different reasons

different seasons

gotta keep it together

stay patient

to survive

Stop fooling yourself

you need to stop proving yourself

the law of the universe

you have to give

in order to recieve

a misconception

devious deception

when you associate success foolery

ignorance with jewlery

jealousy, envy and hate

ignorance is the culture

spiritual hypocrisy

accidents and investigations

people get the wrong impressions

they don’t know it was just a mistake

Life is like a blizzard

watch out for snakes and lizards

witches and wizards

I’m shivering

because of this cold

I’m shivering

I’m on an expedition

spiritual extradition

trying to figure out the meaning of life

Life is a shadow

an on going battle

in pursuit of pleasure

its like drinking dirty water


then you take a stop

and get a drop

you can’t stop

you can’t go back to that filth

Life is a curse

born in the worst

spiritual thirst

I give you water

you want dirt

dirt and water needs light

to produce life

the light and the life are lies

I exist as thirst

We are shadows of time

shadow boxing against life

shades of gray, dark and ivory

Life is an excuse

to make a difference

a gradual process

of growth and development

and predicted preconceived notions

Life is like a daughter

the better you treat her

the more you teach her

the greater she’ll become later

life is like a daughter

I sabotage myself

I sabotage myself

ten steps away from wealth

two steps my date with death

I sabotage, I sabotage

I sabotage myself

There’s nothing to be gained in life

its a test

the propagation of flesh

the manifestation of the best


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