The Soul

I came up with something

let me share it with you

everyone wants to be loved

and everything we do

good or bad

is to satisfy our desire for love

our lust

or need

to be recognized

to be achieved

to be appreciated

for attention

it starts with a voice to a vision

from a vision to creation



without a voice

there is no choice

they’re detached from reality

through ignorance


they dropped bombs and planes

on us

they ran scams and games

on us

they sold hopes and dreams

to us

they hung ropes and names

to us


this pitiful propaganda

being waged against us



but we put our faith and trust

in lies and rumors

without proof

psychologically stepped on

that’s why I left home

if they knew better

they would do better


I forgot about the rain

then it came

if this wasn’t enough

can you take this pain

and maintain

my mind

these rhymes

complain to your own soul

that way no one else would know

it would motivate you to grow

your naked soul

get some clothes

clothe your heart

with clues

I’m confused

the soul

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