The love of money

You need a Bentley to achieve her

This ain’t Leave It To Beaver

But the weave and wife beater are cheaper

She’s living large off the iphone,

the beeper

They turn their bodies into commodities

Oddities on an odyssey

Your majesty

Your mind is in tragedy

A travesty

Everybody has a price

Anyone can take a life

They’re like savages

Conducting themselves

Like low-minded beasts


For the pie in the sky

The pie between the thighs

for the dressed-up lie

Not the best up high


Common creed and philosophy

Captured me into this abyss

Everything is good

Satan’s philosophy

A misconception

Devious deception

When you associate success with foolery

Ignorance with jewelry

I associate money with hard work


Money should be utilized

To alleviate the pain

of the psychologically brutalized


They’re detrimental to society

ruthless men

Toothless in the pen


Known for pushing drugs

Shooting slugs

Where I’m from

We don’t trust people with smiles

The greasy

Only for a while

He slipped up

Fell off the monkey

A junkie

Somebody’s flunky


It’s a shame

What they’ll do for some money

Baby daddy dead

Or in prison

Instead of mourning

Or showing concern

She’s with the next man

Waiting for his turn


Thomas Jefferson is still the master

The leader

The redeemer

You’re a dreamer

Oh, a diva

Controlled by the devil

Enrolled for forever

Until you get it together

Your cold shoulder

Is worse than the weather


I don’t think we can make it

You’re mentally buck-naked

It’s too tough for you

You can’t take it

Your spirit must awaken

Don’t get it mistaken

For getting drunk and high

you’re too drunk off lies

Kiss your future goodbye

If that’s what you need

To get by





what’s that sound?

I looked up

It was Larenzo

he was flexing that Benzo

I was playing Nintendo

they was playing pretendo

blowing indo

out the window

26 inch wrenches

not to mention

elevated suspension

his bank roll’s dented


gets the wenches

can you believe this

perceive this

this dude he achieved this

you can’t dismiss this

who is this

be the witness

high school he ditched it

for business

hood riches

his enemies endless

the snitches

found in ditches

let me mind my own business


they took all his cars

and all his cash

he’s left on his back

with nothing


Dude came up ballin’


Then came up missin’


Then learned his lesson


All his people left him



This fool is locked up

without a nickel to his name

and you’re claiming his gang?


Sun Tzu said if a nation take a fall

it can never rise again


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

and split his wig

because he rose too high

and grew too big




an excerpt from my book:

Parts of Man: The Declaration of Truth


copyright 2013 Marwan Fateen

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