A victim of time

I retreat to this solitude
This attitude
Like empty faucets
When you’re thirsty
My resistance is my only weapon
I’m tired of living for nothing
It’s time to live for something
Taking my life into my own hands
To be a man
It’s time to die for something
Give life and try for something

Take this, take that
And to the dreams
No fighting God
Your best bet is to humble yourself

Waiting, procrastinating
Tired of existence
Scared to make a difference
To succeed
Proclaim your disbelief
They’re on the front porch
Waiting to die
Waiting on their mommas to cry
Looked up
Time passed them by
Doing nothing
The difference between lyrics and life
We are shadows of time
Tomorrow you can be gone
One hour, one minute
Only for a moment
Then gone
All we have in this world
Is one day
It’s a foregone conclusion
What’s the solution
You only live once
That’s your excuses

It’s hard making it alone
That’s why so many people
End up selling their souls
To secret societies
Masons and Greeks
People and Folks
You people are weak
Stand on your own two feet
Be a man
God will send his angels
To chop you down

No opportunities
Couldn’t find me a job
Holes in my shoes
I had to go to school
Hand-me-down clothes
Can’t be no fool

We’re set up to fail
By design
No even playing field
We’re wasting time

I can make it out here alone
Some of us don’t have a choice
Stand right here and sing your song
But some of us don’t have a voice

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