Moving at the speed of life

have patience

they say because I don’t have a job

I’m nothing

because I believe in myself

they don’t want me

they all left me

stuck struggling

left hustling

trying to get my dreams accomplished

on my own

the origin must be your own soul

bring it out

the journey to the truth

starts right here

our own action is the proof

no room for fear

come here sister

can I have a moment of time

to shine some of this light

to resurrect your mind

leave the past behind

we have a future to think about

today is built on the past

but tomorrow is what we’re about

it starts with today

Time to make a change

how we live think and behave

no longer conducting ourselves

like we’re in a shallow grave

they don’t wanna see us change

so we can remain slaves

let this light conquer the darkness

so our future will be saved

death dealers in darkness

trying to get a name

prostitutes are shameless

waiting to get fame

its hard to maintain

when nothing really change

twenty years later

things are still the same

cold winters are heartless

we must remain sane

2 thoughts on “Alone”

  1. I think this poem demonstrates how we as a society of God-deprivated humans take for granted what would truly nuture us from a holistic (physiological, emotional, physical and spiritual) standpoint. The bad boy/gangsta image has been etched into the mindset of our young girls as a popular choice when choosing a mate, in addition to our young boys being brainwashed into thinking that girls should instantly flock to them because of what materialism they instead of what they possess morally. A lot of people of hurting because of dating people unworthy of them…..I feel your pain brother! Keep going, the one who deserves and shares love will come.

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